Among set of the accessories capable harmoniously to add, and at times and cardinally to change shape of inhabited or office premise, the special place occupies a lavar carpet. Throughout centuries to lavar rugs concerned as the card of the master of the house which spoke not only about the created cosines and comfort, but also about taste and well-being of a family. From whatever foot you have risen, morning will develop successfully if, having got out from under a blanket, you lower a foot not on a cold floor, and in soft and warm pile of a lavar rug.

However, value of this attribute of an interior not only in its gratefulness for touch. Unfortunately, today not all imagine, properly to choose a lavar carpet, it is necessary to adhere to what criteria first of all, having made decision to improve a floor or a wall of dwelling lavar rugs or a carpet. We will try to understand subtleties of a choice of "cloak" for your floor.

At a lavar rug choice it is necessary to pay attention to the following factors defining your further preferences first of all:
1. Type of a room (office).

Councils of the designer:
«Certainly, much depends and on a room functional purpose for which the carpet gets out. So, in a bedroom it will be better to look a carpet of light pastel shades, and in a nursery and a drawing room – the bright sated colors. Remember also that light tone of a carpet visually increase space, no less than bright drawing on a diagonal. And here large patterns of the geometrical form, on the contrary, visually narrow a premise.

It is necessary to pay attention that motley carpets in general very whimsical accessory. That your house hasn't become similar to east market, color and carpet drawing should be combined with other home decoration. Designers have such concept, as «a graphic rhyme». Sounds very beautifully and poetically, but actually the rigid law of the organization of an interior is meant these words. The carpet ornament should correspond (i.e., actually, to be rhymed with them) to forms and lines of subjects of your interior – cases, sofas, chairs, tables, beds, armchairs.

Now we will discuss, which carpets is better approach for different rooms of your apartment. So, in a drawing room and a children's room it is better to lay carpets with low pile – they are more practical and on them almost doesn't remain traces from furniture.

In a nursery will be pertinent as bright carpets with the image of the railway or fantastic heroes, and small fluffy bedside rugs. You can even use both kinds of carpets – the careful relation to eclecticism in a room of the child is inappropriate! For a bedroom the carpets stretched from one wall to another, and also small sarouks rugs near a bed approach. Here carpets from natural wool and with long pile which promote creation of necessary intimate conditions perfectly look: first, they are pleasant to the touch, and secondly, muffle sounds.

Carpet in kitchen? Still five-ten years ago any mistress would tell that it is the most mad idea on light, after all floors here so are subject to danger of pollution. But the modern textile industry is capable to dispel and not such fears.

The only thing that it is necessary to advise wishing to "wrap up" kitchen and hall floors so it to choose the indian handmade rugs proof to deterioration and with water-repellent impregnation. We will open one more small secret: drawing or an ornament hide pollution traces, than carpets monophonic, let even nonspottable shades is better.

Carpets and in a bathroom, especially will be pertinent if you don't have heated floor and you don't like to go barefoot on a cold tile. For a bathroom it is better to choose synthetic and cotton carpets, and also quilted with the basis from a moisture resistant foam-rubber »;

2. The size of a premise.

On the size carpets share on three basic groups:
• small - to 3 м2. The basic sizes: 0,6*1,1 m; 0,8*1,5 m; 1*2 m; 1,5*2 m;
• averages - from 3 to 6 м2. The basic sizes: 1,5*2,05 m; 2*3 m;
• big - from 6 м2 and more. The basic sizes: 2*3,5 m; 2*4 m; 2,5*4 m; 3*4 m; 3*5 m.

Choosing the size of a carpet it is possible to consider recommendations of designers:
• small caucasian rugs are ideal for an ornament of separate "points" of a room – spaces before a fireplace, before a bed where they give rise to color and heat "splash";
• the carpet of the average size can be an independent element of a decor of a room, allocate its certain zone;
• the big carpet in the size from 2х3 the m also is more capable to generate shape of a room as a whole;
• between walls and a carpet there should be 20-30 sm of a free floor;
• is indoors admissible to use some the same caucasian rugs;
• irrespective of the fact which size a carpet put in a room, it is desirable to present in advance all possible variants of placing of people on sofas, chairs and in armchairs and to arrange a carpet so that the sitting person on a carpet had both feet.

3. The general concept of design of a premise.

Councils of the designer:
«First of all, it is important to be defined with color of your future carpet.

So for the light room, which window are turned on South side, carpets in cold tones will be pertinent. If the room, on the contrary, is darkish, it will be warmed"by a carpet of warm colors. That they favorably underline the form and color of furniture also concerns indisputable advantages of monophonic carpets. By the way, one of the basic questions which are set by buyers, whether should coincide tone of a carpet with tone of a floor. Yes, it is desirable, that it was so if it is a question of linoleum with uncontentious drawings, a laminate or a parquet of traditional light tones. If you have dared at a dark floor (for example claret, brown or even black that, however, extremely seldom meets) it is better to carpet to contrast with it, differently the eye will be tired too of an abundance of gloomy tones. The second, not less important question at a carpet choice is its arrangement indoors for which it is got. Think, whether you fleecy "attire" want to lay all floor or only its part? And, maybe, you like a set of the small motley caucasian rugs carelessly thrown at a sofa and a favourite rocking-chair more? By the way, if you are the owner of one-room apartment, a carpet – fine means for zoning of your unique living room. So, by means of a carpet of the average sizes it is possible to allocate a rest corner. Small caucasian carpets are ideal for registration of separate accents in an interior. As to fleecy "individuals" of the impressive sizes (both with large drawing, and with an ornament) about them important you remember the following: they well look only in spacious premises. Having laid such carpet in a small room, you will be doomed to unpleasant effect of constant color ripples in eyes »;

4. Intensity of use of a covering.
Intensity of deterioration is much less than house, than at office where for a day can take place hundreds persons in footwear. Therefore requirements to quality of a carpet (pile height, quantity of nap points on sq.m., type of a material of a nap surface and a basis) not so are high. It is possible to use almost any type of a carpet which answers the criteria described above at home and corresponds to your representations about a cosiness and comfort of dwelling.

Type coverings «sheggi» are recommended to be used basically in bedrooms and drawing rooms since they more other types are subject to deterioration, are less practical, high and leaky pile complicates daily cleaning. That doesn't belittle advantages of the given type of carpets – at present « sheggi » one of the most fashionable and stylish carpets in the USA and Europe.

Saxon Carpets, velours ("plush") and "frieze" are more pertinent in drawing rooms and children's rooms - they are easily cleared, possess necessary comfort. For public premises, offices, corridorsm also vestibules and kitchens in apartments, is better carpets with high density and low pile approach. Thanks to the low dense pile, the given carpets are well cleaned, the dirt and a dust don't get almost in pile, covering service life slightly longer, than coverings with smaller density and high decorating pile.

What can threaten a carpet - water, food, coffee, chemicals?
In premises where there is a considerable quantity of people, on a floor a dirt significant amount, therefore antique turkish rugs of pastel tones in the given situations quickly accumulates lose tidy appearance. Though new technologies do modern coverings convenient for cleaning, more dark colors it is more preferable indoors where brisk movement of people is supposed. For premises with the raised humidity - a bathroom, kitchen, a bathroom - it is better to use carpets from synthetic materials. It concerns not only a material of which pile, but also to a basis material is made.

5. The budget on purchase.
The price for a carpet depends, first of all, on following characteristics of a covering:

• the country-manufacturer. Carpets of the Russian manufacture of comparable type and with similar characteristics on 30-50 % are cheaper than import analogs that doesn't speak about obviously higher quality. Now the Russian and western investors put considerable means in the modern automated manufacture in territory of Rosii, the goods are made on modern, as a rule, the Belgian and German equipment. Carpets from the countries with ancient traditions (Nepal, Iran, India) are considered as the most expensive;

• materials used in manufacture. The most expensive materials, however, as well as in all variety of consumer goods, are fibres (yarn) of a natural origin (wool, silk, flax, a clap). Carpets with use of a natural yarn on 50-100 % are more expensive than products from synthetics (polypropylene, polyacryle, polyamide, polyester). Not, but artificial the popular material for manufacture of carpets – viscose which many name «artificial silk» is synthetic;

• manufacture type. Carpets of handwork much more expensive analogs of the machine (automated) manufacture. The prices for rare manual carpets reach cost of small Moscow apartment! For comparison – productivity of mechanical production is equal 2 000 – 2 500 sq.m. a day on one machine tool, one carpet of handwork can be weaved by ten weavers 2-3 months! Antique Turkish Rugs, Indian Handmade Rugs.